Friday, September 16, 2011

Food Friday

Well everyone (the very few people) who reads this know that I have a passion for cooking. I would love to cook as a career, but that would make it an obligation as opposed to a hobby. I could be wrong.

Anyway, I love to take recipes that I hear from other people or read about and turn them into something unique. I am going to try (emphasis on the word "try" as I am nearly incapable of being on time for these things) to post a recipe on Fridays. Some are simple and some might prove to be a bit of a challenge but bear with me. If I can do it, you can do it!

My friend Ann and I both share this passion for food.Often times/almost every time I go to her house she has a cookbook on the counter. This always gives me something to look at too! I can guarantee you that we bring up a recipe or some type of cooking adventure at least once each time we see each other which I think is why we get along so well!

At some point we have plans to have a Chinese food night where she will make won-tons and I will make egg rolls and everything else will just come together. When that time comes, I will write about it. But for now, here is what I have for this first Food Friday:

First is a Greek pasta salad that my Aunt Larinda made one fine day in July. In fact it may have been the fourth, but that is irrelevant so please forgive my rambling. Anyway, she threw together this salad and it was amazing! I may be missing something or may have added something that she didn't, but this recipe is a winner for my husband and you might like it too (plus it is SUPER easy):

1 (1lb) box of Penne pasta cooked and strained
3 tbsp grape seed oil (better for you than vegetable oil, olive oil etc... and has amazing flavor)
1 (5oz) package of crumbled feta cheese
1 (3.5oz) package of sun dried tomatoes cut julienne
2 tbsp fresh basil chopped (you can use dried basil, but fresh has better flavor)

Mix everything together and enjoy!!

**Tip: Run the pasta under cold water to rinse until pasta is very cold. That way you don't have to wait for it to cool off in the fridge!


Next, I want to share this amazingly easy and delicious recipe that Tyler and I have had all too regularly...Apple Crisp. I would like to start by saying I love Fall. I love the colors, the smell, the weather, and most importantly, the apples from Wayne and Carmen's apple tree. One very cool day in August, Tyler and I went outside and picked apples (we kept the pretty and delicious looking ones and gave the rest to Holly and Flash, their horses). While Tyler made burgers, Carmen and I got to work making apple crisp from one of her Methodist cookbooks. (I might be biased, but Methodist cookbooks are always the best because they are old and traditional and every one of them is uniquely delicious). Again, I apologize for rambling but here is the recipe:

Fill a 9x9 baking dish about half way with peeled, cored, and sliced apples
In a large bowl combine 1 cup brown sugar, 3/4 cup flour, 1 cup quick oats (oatmeal), and 3/4 cup softened butter. Mix until it is crumbly. Break apart and crumble on top of the apples. Bake at 350* for 35-40 minutes or until golden brown.

**Tip: Tyler LOVES the crisp part (but not as much as me...) so we normally double the recipe (but not the apples) and put some on the bottom of the baking dish before we put the apples in. Yum!!

This is a Google picture, but mine looks the same. Or it did... before we ate it!
Happy baking!!!


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