Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY Get Better Basket

Once in high school, I had a terrible cold. I know you're thinking who hasn't. But this cold, unlike any other, had me feeling absolutely, without a doubt, downright bad. I had this great friend who sent me a "Get Better Bag" and it was nothing huge, but it had huge meaning. The bag was simple and not elegant. It was a plastic baggie with tea, cough drops, candy, and a small package of tissues. See, not a huge deal. But to me, it was a friend saying I will do what I can to help you heal and that meant the world to me. That got me thinking, I can do this too.

I have a friend, a dear friend (one might say family) who has recently gotten sick. I won't say who it is or what he or she is sick with, but they need something that will show them that they have a friend and that friend is willing to do anything to make them feel better. Today I thought I would tell you what I did not to ask that you copy it or duplicate it by any means, as this is supposed to be a gift of thought and care. I want to tell you what I did to spark an idea and an interest in helping someone who just needs a friend. Here is what I did (I had pictures, but my camera broke so I can't post them):

I went to the store and got a medium sized basket. You can use really any size but obviously want all of the "Get Better Supplies" to fit. Next, you get them some reading material or something to do. Sometimes noise can just be too much so you can't have the television on. I recommend a book, magazine, or puzzle. Your pick really. Liquids are important. Everyone always says "be sure to get lots of rest and drink plenty of liquids"! So I thought it might be wise to throw in some 100% juice fruit punch boxes.

Snacks are important too. If they aren't in a mood/don't feel well enough to eat them now, you can at least provide them with something to look forward to. In this case, the person receiving the basket LOVES Oreos. Typically you want to include things they really enjoy. From a practical perspective, every sick person needs to get better so you can add some "supplies" to help them do so. I included throat drops, hand lotion, lip moisturizer, tea, and of course, chicken soup. 

Last but not least, I like to include a card that tells them to get well. I figure it is just going that "extra mile".

You can expand on this idea however you like whether you go the route of the get better baggie, get better box, get better basket, or even get better bowl. So long as they know you want them to get well soon!

Have a great Thursday!


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