Friday, January 13, 2012

Food Friday: Rolo Pretzels

I love food. I love to make it and I love to eat it (but mostly make it). Every Friday I intend to post a new recipe for you to try. I won't post it unless I have tried to make it because I want to know it is good.

Before we get started... are any of you superstitious? If so, it is Friday the 13th so wear a helmet and don't walk under any ladders!! = ) 

Today, we make Rolo Pretzels.

Ok, I am going to warn you right this instant: this is the EASIEST recipe ever, but it is my hubby's favorite treat so I had to share. I made a lot of food for Christmas/New Year's Eve and this was the simplest and tastiest treat. Ready?

You will need:

2 bags of Rolo Candies (we tried caramel Kisses but they weren't as good... use Rolos)
1 1lb bag of pretzles
1 bag of M&Ms (use holiday ones if it is for a holiday)

Turn your oven on to 300*. Place pretzels on baking sheet in one flat layer (close together is fine). Have your sweet husband unwrap all of the candies. Beware... this is the conversation you are likely to have:

Me: Honey, those are for the pretzels. Why do you keep eating them?
Tyler: Well this is a harder job than you'd think.... you have to quality check them once in a while.

Place one Rolo on each of the pretzels.

Stick in oven until softened (around 4-5 minutes). Do NOT let melt all the way... it would be a mess. Take out of oven and immediately place an M&M on top of each.

These were obviously for Christmas. Tyler liked the green ones best.
 Stick in fridge to cool quickly and use a spatula to get them off the pan. Store in a cool, dry place.


Enjoy and have a WONDERFUL weekend!! I am going to spend mine trying to kick this cold before it gets too serious... crap. I hate being sick.



  1. These are my favorite! SO easy and delicious! Have a great weekend :)

  2. You really need to make a link up for this Recipe Fridays it's such a good idea!


Thanks for your sweet words!!

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