Thursday, April 5, 2012

Letters to my sweet, sweet child...

I love baby books. Actually, I love the idea of baby books.

But what if you move and it gets lost? What if (God forbid) your house burns down? All would be lost.

I wanted to do something ever since I saw a commercial for it. I will give you a hint...

Yes, I started writing to my baby. I want him or her to know what we went through... the ups and downs. The experiences. The LIFE! I want him or her to be able to experience everything and have memories of it to share with their family one day.

If he or she is having a rough day at college someday, they can open the first e-mail talking about how excited we are to meet our new baby.

I want our baby to feel loved.

To feel admired.

To feel special.

So I will do just that. I will write to my baby and add pictures, videos, the link to this blog, everything I can possibly do to make sure our baby knows that they are the best thing that has ever happened to us. And guess what?! I already started. A glimpse of 3/1/12:

So excited to meet our child. I've written 4 now. 2 with ultrasound pictures, 1 when we found out we were expecting, and one with our silly crayon art that his or her daddy helped me make. I hope our baby likes it!!

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Thanks for your sweet words!!

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