Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Need Help Moms!!!

I went into panic mode when I discovered we are almost halfway through the pregnancy and we haven't planned a thing. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to reach out to you moms or moms to be to see what recommendations you have for us to buy/register for!

Here is what I need help with:


Yes, I am pathetic.

I got SUPER stressed out when I was looking at bottles, pumps, changing pads, high chairs, you know... EVERYTHING!

What have you gotten that you've loved? What have you gotten that you do or don't recommend?

The one thing I think I am sold on is the stroller that my friend pointed out to me. Other than that, we've got nothin'.



  1. Oh, I cannot wait to see the responses you get! I started feeling the same way! We did finally get a crib yesterday. We spent a small fortune, but decided it was better to get something that would last. We got one of the 4 in 1 beds, so we figured we really just got four beds and not one.
    We also got a subscription to Consumer Reports to see the best buys out there!!
    I did a search on pinterest for ultimate baby registries and found a few helpful sites.
    Hope you get some great mom responses!! Keep me posted!

  2. Bottles were the most overwhelming thing for me!! Although everything review will say this one is best for this and this one for this, they fail to remind you that you will have no idea what your baby is like! My best suggestion is to try one starter pack that comes with a wide variety of bottle nipples. We tried the Playtex Drop-Ins starter since there were about 5 different nipples already included, which proved to be crucial! The first time we tried a bottle, we went from nipple to nipple on the same bottle until we found one she took. (It actually ended up being the one we least expected as it was a medium flow orthodontic nipple, and she is a breast-fed baby.) The other option is to buy just one of a couple different brands and to keep the receipts! That way, you can just return whatever ones you don't use and exchange them for more of the ones you will use! Hope that helps a little!!

    p.s. I'm glad you liked the stroller - we absolutely love ours!!

  3. One other quick comment - I ended up buying the Avent double electric pump from Walmart.com while it was on sale (half the price of the Medela). I tried the commercial grade Medela in the hospital, and I can honestly say I like my Avent more! I have friends with the Medela who like it as well - we just didn't have the $300-400 to spend on a pump.

  4. Babies really don't need very much the first few months so don't panic... make sure you have a bouncer chair (that's the only way you'll shower for about 8 weeks: )).
    You should really try to borrow a pump from someone. Not every pump works well for every woman and you may find that you don't/can't pump...
    I have Britax B-agile stroller and LOVE it.- easy to maneuver in stores and light weight.
    * don't go crazy buying newborn cloths, they are in them for a VERY little amount of time. Focus on zippers, buttons are hard to do in the middle of the night with a new/screaming baby.
    We invested in a video monitor and I highly highly recommend it. Now that my little guy is getting older I can watch him play (when he is suppose to be sleeping) and its super fun.
    Hope that helps!

  5. Love my moby wrap... wish I hadnt gotten the traditional carriers.... When Isaac got bigger - I got the Boba carrier (think Moby... for bigger kids!) Moby was for up to a certain weight ane the Boba is for toddlers through preschool.

    I also liked the drop-ins for a bottle. Mostly b/c I didn't want to have a nasty bottle sitting in the diaper bag. Get rid of the drop in and rinse it out, then you're good to go.

    I have a medela pump - loved it.... but didn't ever try anything other than that.

    sleepers or just plain onesies were a necessity - even in warm weather for a baby. Skip the socks - unless you like picking them up off the floor - just cover the feeties with a blanket.

    Also - Aiden and Anni blankets - LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I was a freak about SIDS - so these are perfectly safe to wrap baby in b/c they are breathable. Also - Not see through so if you are nursing in public - you (and baby) don't die of heat! These are still Isaac's fave blankets to sleep with.

    I will probably think of more....

  6. Melissa,
    I agree, don't buy too many newborn outfits - they are so tiny and your baby will no doubt be a long one! :) Sleepers with feet are the best and so fun to snuggle with. We would not get Owen to sleep without our Swaddles! We use the Summer Infant ones I think, with the velcro, that you wrap really tight and it calms him right down. Our SWING is also a sanity saver. we love our Chico Keyfit30 carseat - really solid, great safety reviews. A boppy is a must, flannel blanket and lightweight cotton ones. And now that he's bigger, we LOVE our Bjorn - easier to put on than the Moby for both of us.

    And for you... nursing tops, stretchy pants, comfy nursing bras, and don't forget the nursing pads - you will need them! Also, stock up on maxi pads, trust me! Oh, and lanolin cream and hyrdogel pads! And for hubby... have him pack a bag with his own snacks and change of clothes for the hospital. :)

  7. Diapers and onesies (the full body kind with little footsies) and blankets and bibs! Breast/Nursing pads for when you leak! Some moms are really against pacifiers, but when I heard that they lower the chance of SIDS, I was all about it. (I would have anyway, but I was terrifed about SIDS so hearing that made me feel better.) And like the other moms said, babies don't need all that much. They sleep a lot. You should too, whenever you can! And if people offer to bring meals, LET THEM. Get all the help you can. And main thing--it's going to be awesome. Don't worry. A baby is the most wonderful thing ever. :)

  8. Definitely a great pack and play (we bought a Graco one and LOVE it!!)- it's gotten so much use b/c that's what our daughter slept in for the first several months in our room (until we transitioned her into her room). Also we started out w/Dr. Brown's bottles, but they are such a pain to clean so we ended up going with the Nuk bottles and loved them! We love and swear by Pampers diapers and have with both of our kids! As for things that we got and didn't really use- the main thing that sticks out in my head is the Bumbo seat. She outgrew it really fast b/c once she was even somewhat mobile we couldn't put her in it. The bouncy seat serves just as good of a purpose as the bumbo in my opinion! Good luck with your registry!!
    *New follower!

  9. Just came across your blog, it is so cute! I am a momma of two (crazy, sweet boys) and I think it is good that you haven't over-planned yet. So much of the 'stuff' really is just stuff! Some things we have used over and over: onsies in all sizes through the first year, diapers, pacis, pack n play, jumperoo. Here is a post I wrote last year before my second was born: http://daffoldilshope.blogspot.com/2011/05/baby-items.html

    Good luck! Look forward to watching your baby grow!

  10. WE waited to buy bottles until after olivia came home but the hospital recommended Dr. browns or Phillips Avent so we went witht he avent and Olivia LOVED them. NO problems and they are good for babies who might have gas too! You can also buy a microwave steamer for them which is SUPER convenient! We bought the set that had the steamer, diff bottle sizes and diff nipple sizes. Also you will prob want a drying rack.

    We use pampers and have only had 2 diapers (olivia will be 1 year this month) that leaked through on her clothes. LOVE pampers. For wipes we mostly buy pampers but have used huggies. Just make sure you get wipes that are thick because they can rip when you are pulling them out and that is SO annoying when you have a wiggly baby you are trying to change!!

    For detergent stain/ stain spray we use babyganics and I swear we have had EVERY stain come out, all of Olivias clothes seriously look perfect!!

    If you plan on pumping I would recommend a boppy pillow and a Medella dbl pump! (or any brand dbl pump!) I used medella and loved it! (the dbl saves SO much time!!) Also I would recommend lansinoh creme. (No explanation needed! haha)

    We LOVE LOVE our swing. We got the fisher price lamb one. (I don't remember the name) It is AWESOME! We also got the bouncer that matched but Olivia grew out of that quick so I wouldn't rec one.

    We LOVED our bumbo seat to teach Olivia to sit up and we fed her in it too until she was big enough for a highchair. The Prince lionheart version is great too!

    Whatever kind of highchair you get, make sure it is EASY TO CLEAN!! We picked one that the tray fits in the dishwasher and the cover you can rinse off in the sink or throw in the washer. ( luv u zoo-fisher price.)

    We also had the luv u zoo tummy time mat and Olivia STILL plays with it! It is a great toy and can easily be packed up when we travel! :)

    I agree with everyone else, don't invest in too many nb clothes. Make sure you have baby nail clippers and files bc those suckers grow FAST and they can cut up their face! I recommend sleeves that fold over into mittens vs mittens bc no matter what the mittens (in my opinion) never stay on!

    We LOVED our halo's for sleeping, once she was wrapped in one, she was out!

    Olivia LOVES having a mobile in her crib and also bubbles the musical seahorse, I have yet to hear of a child who doesn't like that seahorse, I swear it is MAGIC!!

    Carseat, we had to find a carseat that accomodated a small baby so we went with the safety first set (stroller and carseat) I really like ours. The stroller is SO easy to open and close (we tested out a lot!) Otherwise I would recomment britax!

    I didn't have mommy friends when I was registering and just read TONS AND tons of reviews and made personal decisions. Hopefully these tips help!! :)


Thanks for your sweet words!!

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