Thursday, June 14, 2012


Ok, so maybe not "the best" news, but it is pretty stinkin' awesome.

I have been waiting almost 3 years to be hired on full-time with my company. I have been in my current role as a contractor for just over 2.5 years.

Today my boss called me and offered me my job!!! 

I know that this sounds weird and not too exciting, but here are the differences between contracted and being on full time:
  • You go from $$ to $$$
  • You go from no paid vacation to paid vacation
  • You go from no maternity leave to 6 weeks of maternity leave
  • You go from no benefits to full benefits
I have to say that the biggest accomplishment is the maternity leave. It has been in the back of our minds since we got pregnant and has contributed to a lot of stress in the planning process of this little bean. Well, WHEW! We are so so relieved!! 

I finally got a hold of my hubby to tell him so I had to share my giddy, exciting, goofy grinned news with all of you fine people.

Patience and persistence really pay off. 

Pregnancy update will come tonight once my hubby takes our picture : ).



  1. What a blessing!! Right on time!! Congrats.. little baby will be taken care of.. and you missy 6 weeks off.. hooray!!

  2. Congrats on the excellent news!!

    I'm taking 12 weeks FMLA, pretty sure that's country-wide and not just here in Alabama. I've been able to save up 4 weeks of paid time off, and we're saving money for the rest of the time.


Thanks for your sweet words!!

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