Monday, July 16, 2012

I was SCARED!!

I will get to pictures. First, I must admit it MIGHT not be till next week. That's because I will be in Virginia for work. Unless I can sneak time away from all my friends that I do (not) have there. But that would require me bringing my camera. We'll see.

In any case.


Let me set the stage: I am pregnant. Who knew, right!? OK but seriously, I pee at 3 am every single morning.  (TMI, I know. Not the point of my story, but I will get there.) Fortunately for me, our bathroom is only 10 feet away from our bedroom. Winning!

Camping however, now that's a different story.

Again, fortunately for me, they have plumbing (winning again!). Unfortunately for me, it means I had to walk for (what felt like) 4 miles just to tinkle. If we're being honest, it was maybe 400-500 feet (I am guessing... I really have no sense of distance. Or an internal compass for that matter. I am lucky I made it back!!).

Now don't get me wrong, this place is BEAUTIFUL! Remember, I intend to come here every year. At night however, it's a different story. When I get up to... well, you know, I have to mentally prepare myself to hold my breath and focus on my flashlight on the ground so I don't run screaming! It's SCARY out there!!

My first thought is always... Snow white. I feel like she did when she first entered the forest!! Oh, you don't remember that part? Let me show you:

SEE! You would be scared too if trees with fingers were grabbing you!! Which they totally were.

I'm lying again. You walk on a path to the bathroom. Nothing gets in the way. BUT it is still dark and scary.

What if I disturb a scrounging raccoon? Or what if a bear wants to eat me? Or a TIGER?! Or what if a cheetah runs me down?! OK, I am getting a little carried away... we were camping in Minnesota and I don't believe cheetahs live here. But the bears and raccoons are legitimate and I don't want to know what baby K would come out looking like if I got rabies or something. Is there a repellant for that?!

I am not normally afraid of the dark. But when I am in the middle of a haunted forest (or an over-populated state park), I tend to get the willies.

I'll still go back.

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