Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Necklace Holder

I won't call it nesting. Not yet, anyway.

I have been preparing myself for baby... not preparing for baby. That doesn't count as nesting, right?

My house (namely our bedroom) has remained undecorated since we moved in last year in APRIL! Ridiculous, right?

Well I am decorating my HOME before I can't move enough to do it anymore. Just the little things like hanging a few pictures or cleaning vents. You know, the things a good wife would do anyway.

Ok. I'm nesting. Right?

Anyway, I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest (where most awesome things come from) that I just knew would make my life easier. I mean not having to untangle necklaces every time you want to wear them? Brilliant.

I would like to note that I am not taking credit for this one, dear. I simply bought all the supplies, put them on the dresser (where they sat with promises of being hung on many occasions), and finally opened every little piece and spread it across the bed so we couldn't sleep until it was completed. Just a little friendly encouragement.

Tyler did the rest. He hung it, re-hung it (so it was centered), and put all the supplies away (who IS this man?!).

Now you get to admire his handiwork. Nice job handsome! You're making my life easier.


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