Monday, August 6, 2012

Grammar Police

I have a pet peeve. Well, if you know me at all, I have many. But this one is a frequent flier on my pet peeve list. Mainly because it shows it's ugly face in all places.

Lets get started:

I work for a large company running a software program. I love my job. But it exposed me to my first ever experience with this here peeve.

(For reference, it is a custodial staffing software)

One of the inspection criterion was "Urinals, toilets, and wash bowels"

Yes. There is a difference between "Bowls" and "Bowels".

For those of you who are unaware:

Number 1: A bowel is where number 2 comes from... also known as the part of the alimentary canal below the stomach; the intestine.

Number 2: A bowl is a round, deep dish or basin used for food or liquid.

See? Completely different.

So while Thank You cards are nice, please be sure to spell check. I got TWO thank you cards that thanked me for the "lovely mixing bowels" I gave them. While I would love to be credited with their fortunate intestinal occurrences, I don't believe that was my shower gift.

But you're welcome.

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