Monday, August 6, 2012

NOT on Target

I have always been a huge fan of Target. In fact, I STILL love to shop there, even after my latest experience.

Let me preface this with: LIE ABOUT YOUR NAME ON THE REGISTRY!

Ok, don't "lie" exactly, just add to it!

For example: Melissa Knott(___town name___)

Make your town name as part of your last name.

OR do this: Melissa&Tyler Knott

Where your first names are BOTH on the registry. Or any combination of the two.

Here's what happened/is happening:

There are TWO Melissa Knotts in Minnesota and both are registered at Target AND Babies R Us. She is due in September and I am due in October... less than 2 weeks apart. AND WE'RE BOTH HAVING GIRLS!!! But other than the due date, no differentiating details are sent out or given from Target registry online "for security purposes". Who knows... maybe my due date changed! My guests wouldn't know...

So the buyer guesses who is who. I have gotten SO many things that she registered for from my party (which she has good taste, so I'm not complaining). But you DO have the option to "Send to the registered party" which means:

**I can't come to your party but I want to send you a gift to your home**

Great gesture, but Target doesn't let you see where it's being sent, again "for security purposes". So, how do they know they sent it to the right person? They don't.

Now, an AMAZING gift from an equally AMAZING woman is being sent to SOMEONE ELSE and Target is doing absolutely NOTHING about it!!! I have been on the phone all day trying to figure it out.

I called Target and the (slightly beyond) rude lady said, "the lady should have known...".

So I got the tracking number from my friend and called UPS who said that "to be more economical", they send things from UPS to USPS (post office) to be delivered. So I called the post office.

It is still at USPS and not yet delivered. Working on it now... still.  Waiting waiting waiting for a phone call.

My stress level is high AND to top it all off, I am super sick. I would like to eat, but know the food won't do any good since it returns promptly after consumption. I have a SERIOUS case of the Mondays.

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