Friday, September 7, 2012

Tiny Dancer

I put this link to Elton John's Tiny Dancer here because it fits this post/video so so SO well.  

I love our baby so so much.

My favorite thing so far is just feeling her move. Then you know she's there. You know she is OK.

Now that she is running out of room (we have less than 5 weeks left), I can feel every movement. From a hiccup to a stretch. From a flinch to a kick.

I have said throughout this pregnancy that all those people that say they "LOVE being pregnant" or they "wish they could always be pregnant" were a bunch of big fat liars. But this part? This makes it worth every sore foot, wake up, stretch mark, swollen finger, and day of morning sickness. THIS is why I could do it again.

It's truly amazing. The love you can have for someone who you've never met. I am so over the moon excited to meet this little angel that's been dancing all these days and nights. She just melts my heart.

**Disclaimer: I only filmed for about 20 seconds because I was holding my breath. I didn't want you to think my breathing was her moving. This is allllllll her.

Don't forget to look at today's Food Friday for some E-A-S-Y freezer crock pot dinners. It's all I plan to use for Baby K's first few days.


  1. That is simply amazing. God is so wonderful :) I know you can't wait to meet that sweet little one :)

  2. woa, woa, woa!! THAT just blew my mind in the best possible way. Thanks for letting us know that you held your breath :) hahaha.


Thanks for your sweet words!!

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