Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doctor Appointment Update

This post might be a little graphic. So squeamish, look away. boys, don't read this. You've been warned.

This little girl is never coming out. 

I will be pregnant forever.

I no longer remember what it feels like to not be pregnant.

I am dilated to a 2... and thinned out... but (to my knowledge), I am not having any contractions. I started getting PMS type cramping last night and into today, but I am not sure that's a real contraction. She said if I keep getting them, time 'em. So that's just what I'll do!

Our doctor says baby is more than ready. She stripped my membranes today (see... I warned you... TMI) and said all we can do now is wait. (For those of you who are unaware, stripping the membranes is a technique that is supposed to jump start the contractions in the least invasive manner possible. Google it.)

Our due date is Thursday. 10/11/12. What a cool birthday, right? Hopefully SHE thinks so too...

We have a nursery, and a name, and a wardrobe... now all we need is a baby.

If she is not here before, we will have another appointment Monday which will include another NST (non-stress-test), another membrane strip, and another heartbeat check.

On the bright side, we scheduled the induction if it gets to that point. If you don't hear sooner, we are having this baby on the 18th and we go in at 5am to be induced. Ideally she'll be here tomorrow... or yesterday. I would be fine with either.

All you other moms, did YOU get this anxious too? What did you do to keep your mind off your discomfort?


  1. Stripping membranes worked both times for me! I tried to keep busy and walk a lot... around the mall mostly. walk around looking at baby things and things for yourself, once those contractions come, walking will help them be more productive. Good luck and as for the anxiety, I don't know what to do, I got to the point where I was basically ready to rip the baby out. That last bit is just miserable.

  2. I didn't get the opportunity to have the "wait and see" bit, but when we went in for my 37 week check & found no dilation, low amniotic fluid, breech, and very high blood pressure, the anxiety set in when the Dr said, "C-section Thursday" which got moved to Wednesday...I was given less than 24 hours notice of the change!! I was put on extreme bed rest. Just relax best you can, do what you want to encourage labor ;) Relax and enjoy the quiet as long as you can!! I get time to myself when I shower now lol

  3. I can't imagine being that close to the end! Good luck. I wish I had words of wisdom but I definitely don't. I hope your next post pictures is of Baby K!

  4. Just checking on the status of this tiny babe.

    Good luck!


Thanks for your sweet words!!

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