Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kylie's Birth Story

We are so so blessed to have such an amazing little girl in our lives.

Kylie Joy joined us on October 16th 2012 at 1:18pm. She weighed in at 9 pounds and was 21 inches long. Baby girl came roaring into this world and I can't imagine there was even one person in this world that was as happy in that moment as Tyler and I were.

I will (I'm sure) talk about this more in the future as time permits, but for now, just know she is just the happiest baby! She cries to poop or eat... BAM. That's it. Ok... once in a while she cries when I put a shirt on her... but nobody likes a shirt thrown over their face... am I right?

Onto the birth story. This is probably the longest post in the history of the world. I will warn you , I am writing this for my baby girl. So she can look back on it one day and know exactly how she came screaming into the world. You all get to see it as a perk :).

Kidding. But really, forgive me if there are details you wish I would have omitted. Remember, it's for her.

At my doctor's appointment on 10/15, things went as normal. NST, blood pressure, weight (ick), and she stripped my membranes. This didn't work before, so I had no hope now. Just to be safe, we had already scheduled Kylie to be induced on 10/18/12. Kylie had different plans.

**Side note: It is so much fun to say Kylie as opposed to baby K. =)

Well 3am rolled around and I had some seriously uncomfortable (what felt like) menstrual cramps. I tried to time them, and I got a range of 7-9 minutes apart. Tried going back to bed... fail. Tried sleeping on the couch... fail. So I did laundry and called my sister (which she was ever so thrilled to talk to me at 4:30 am... SORRY BECCA!!).

When the pain got a little more intense, I called the hospital (about 5am) to see if these were the real deal. She told me to keep timing and come in when they were 5 minutes apart.

Tyler woke at 6am per usual and at that moment, I had my worst one yet. He said "wouldn't it be crazy if we had her today?"! Careful what you wish for, dad!

He showered his 20 minute shower and asked me after how I felt. I mentioned they were getting closer based on the data from my contraction counter.

**Another side note: DO NOT download a free contraction counter. I had one and it was great... for the first twenty contractions... but then good ol' number 21 rolled around and the damn thing said "please upgrade to continue tracking contractions"! Excuse my language, but SERIOUSLY?! I was frantically hitting "BUY" but it asked for my password which I was too irritated to enter... so Tyler wrote the stats and we cleared the data to start over. Dumb.

Tyler said "What a brilliant selling technique". I have a hard time agreeing.

Tyler had his coat on ready to go to work and we sat at the kitchen table... well, he sat. I paced. When they got to 3-4 minutes apart, I decided it was time to go. Tyler said "Nah... we can wait a while". I won't share my response. I believe I may have said a few words and went out to sit in the car. He followed (smart man).

We got to the hospital at 7:15 and went to the OB floor where there was already someone checking in so a nurse came and took us to a room (bypassing the admitting room) since I was clearly uncomfortable. She said that if I dilated at all from the 2cm at my appointment the day before, I would be admitted. I was a 4.

Then it got real.

I called my mom who was on her way to work and told her to turn around and my sister and Tyler called the rest of the world.

The nurse asked me if I would like the epidural and I said "let's see how this goes, can I get in the tub?". She said sure and I jumped right in. It really helped take the edge off... until a couple of hours later I was getting mean and nearly (well maybe actually) crying during the contractions which were one on top of the other at this point. I believe on a few occasions, while my sweet husband was telling me "breathe honey, in through your nose, out through your mouth" I snapped "stop breathing on me with coffee breath!!". Fortunately he forgave me.

When the contractions were beginning to get unbearable, I decided to get the epidural. Note to all you women who want babies: If you might want the epidural, start it sooner rather than later... you have to have 1 hour to suck in a whole iv bag. They plugged me in while I was still in the tub... for comfort's sake. Didn't work.

When we were ready for anesthesia, I got out, signed my life away, and sat to get checked. I was a 7. In a matter of an hour/hour and a half, I had dilated 3 cm... average is one per hour. Maybe this is why the pain was so unreal!

I had to sit through 4 contractions while I got the epidural where you cannot move. I had Tyler pinching my feet to try to focus me elsewhere. Ouch. This was the loudest I was during the whole pregnancy... OOHING through each contraction without a break.

An hour later, I was at 9.5 cm. Baby girl wanted out fast.

We started pushing right when I got to 10. I thought it would be like on TV where they walk you through how to do it... nope. You just instinctively know how it's done. I got about 5 pushes per contraction as I felt every single one. I felt them coming. Epidural work? For about an hour.

On my second round of pushing (2 minutes into pushing), I had my eyes pressed tight and I was holding my breath until something pushed down on me. My eyes snapped open in time to see my giant husband falling to the ground. Fortunately the doctor caught him before he hit the ground. Unfortunately, she caught him with the glove she just checked me with... gross. So he came to (after a little groaning) with a scratch on his face from hitting the IV machine, changed shirts, and we were back at it. While he was passing out/on the floor, I started crying hysterically saying "TYLER, WAKE UP!!! I NEEEEEED YOU!!!" Really guys, it was like a bad drama series. We have spent plenty of time laughing about it already. I love my husband.

He always says "I think that is just when it got real. I mean nothing gross was really happening yet!!". I love him.

So the doctor told him to eat some of the jello or broth I had neglected twice and we were back at it.

After 1 hour of pushing, our baby came screaming into the world. They laid her on my chest and all I could do is sob. I had known her for not even a minute and she stole my heart. The screams, the naked buns in my hand, and the beautiful eyes of our first baby. Even if there are words to describe this incredible unreal feeling, I can't find them. If I could relive that moment every day for the rest of my life, I would die of too much happiness.

I held my baby for a total of two minutes before they whisked her away to clean her off and Tyler went with (just across the room) while I got stitched up. Yep, I tore. But would I do this all again? Absolutely.

Other than holding her for her first few minutes, the moment that still brings me to tears is the moment Tyler walked over to me, holding his baby girl with tears in his eyes and a big, happy daddy  smile on his face. Again, a moment I would pay all of my money to see again.

6 hours. I was in labor for 6 hours and we now have our little angel, laying next to me as I type away. As of yesterday, she weighs 8 pounds, 13 ounces... almost back to birth weight. I am so completely, and utterly in love with my family.

I will write about recovery later, but for now, I will bombard you with pictures. : )

Waiting... just after epidural.
One of the first pictures of our angel. Welcome to the world, Kylie Joy!

Based on how my face looks, I wouldn't typically post this, but it's our first family picture and I love it. Tears and all.

Kylie's first momma kisses.

Introducing Kylie to family.

My happy baby girl.

Proud grandpa and my wonderful dad Jeff!! =)

My first picture with our baby.

Such a proud daddy!!! Still melts my heart.

We love you to the moon and back, Kylie Joy.


  1. Beautiful words!!! Congrats again :)

  2. She is SO beautiful! What a precious story and a really great idea that you recorded it. My mom was just telling me how you think you'll always remember all the details of a big event, but ten years later you look back and have forgotten a lot.

    I'm so happy for you!

  3. CONGRATS!!! Such a great story :) I am 38 weeks today and cannot wait to experience what you have! Kylie Joy is so beautiful,and I wish you and you family a very special time getting to know your baby girl in these first weeks :-)


    "The McGuires"

  4. This is so cute! I wish I had something like this to read when I grew up, Kylie is such a lucky girl! Ps Carl and your dad looked at me like I was crazy when I started laughing out loud while reading the part when Tyler passed out, even tho I have already heard it, its still just as funny! Carl was like a little kid saying " I wanna know, tell me!" Lol

  5. She is so beautiful!! Congrats again, so happy for you both!! :)

  6. She is gorgeous! Congrats and God Bless you all!

  7. What a great birth story...an hour of pushing,.way to go!!

  8. She is SO beautiful!! LOVE her name!! Congrats!! :)


Thanks for your sweet words!!

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