Monday, February 4, 2013

Kylie's Second First Day...

Of daycare.

I have a few new followers these days... so let me preface this by saying Kylie started daycare on December 10th, 2012 only to be pulled out of daycare the next week. I think she attended for all of 30 hours in a two week period. 

It was a rough experience due to a mixture of: poor timing (she was only 8 weeks old), an opportunity/opening at a newer facility with people who have more experience, and the people at this current facility were a tad different than we had originally thought. They aren't terrible by any means, it just wasn't for us.

So, we pulled her out just before Christmas with the thought that she would start today. Boy, time sure flew.

I still worked during the last month and a half thanks to time off that my husband had, my sister-in-law being on winter break from college, and my MIL coming over after school to watch her during my late meetings. So THANKS, ALL!! :)

That brings to now (feel caught up??)!

KJ goes to daycare today and although I am not excited about it at all, I am a little more confident that she will be on her best behavior and be well taken care of for a few reasons:
  • She still sleeps constantly with maybe an hour of awake time for every two/two and a half hours of sleep time.
  • She is able to sleep unswaddled.
  • She takes a bottle like a champ! I'm not kidding... don't get in the way of this baby and food.
  • I know what to bring to the daycare on day one.
  • Kylie can fully support her head and neck and is near rolling/sitting on her own. Strong baby.
  • The facility (unlike the other) is focused on education for youth.
  • Last, but certainly not least, the people here have a minimum of 15 years of experience and they are so super sweet!!
There may be tears today and I may overwhelm instagram with pictures of her before and after daycare, but bear with me... she is my first and she is my favorite.


  1. I'm sure she will do just fine :) way to go mama!

  2. Just reading this upsets me because I go back to work next week. My mom is keeping my son until we find the just right daycare.


Thanks for your sweet words!!

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