Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Pray

As I was watching Kylie sleep in my rear-view mirror, her pacifier fell out. I was about to reach back and help her get it back because I didn't want her to wake up from her obviously wonderful nap but before I did, she (with her eyes closed) found it and returned it to her mouth. I realized that my kid doesn't always need me.

This was hard.

It's hard to realize that you created this little person who, in your eyes, will always be your baby. Someone who, since day one, has not only wanted you, but she's needed you. This little child is not going to be a child forever. She is going to start to do things on her own. She'll walk. She'll run. She'll be able to put her hair into a little pony tail all by herself. She'll be a big girl and there's really no stopping it. But would you want to?

It's difficult as a mom to really understand what this means. Their happiness and growth is only in our control for so long. After we're no longer in control, we are simply a support system. A support system that will be there for our babies forever and ever because we love them so fiercely. So unconditionally.

I guess what I'm saying is that while all this growing up is happening, all you can do is pray that they dream happy dreams, smile their biggest smiles, and live wonderful lives. 

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