Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"That Was My Best Dad-Moment Ever"

Have you ever heard someone say something and it just does something to your heart that makes it feel like it will explode out of your chest because it is so full? That's about where I'm at. I am filled with so much love with my family that I feel like my heart will burst.

Not too long ago, Kylie was a little ill. This comes as no surprise though as she's almost always sick with something these days. Which reminds me, I am SO stinking sick of winter. These kids need fresh air and to escape the cootie-filled prisons that are the indoors. I digress.

Anyway, Kylie began to fuss one night after being put to bed so Tyler got up from the couch where we were likely watching a movie or tv or something and went to tend to her. He was in her nursery a little longer than the typical Nuk replacement and when he finally returned, he said it. The thing that caused my heart to grow three-sizes that day (Grinch reference anyone?).

"That was my best dad moment ever. I picked her up and she just laid her head on my shoulder."

That was it. Those simple words that may mean nothing to some, turned me to mush. I knew his feeling. He felt what I've felt before. I could feel the love he had in that exact moment like she was resting her head on my shoulder. I knew that contentment.

I have been so consumed with thinking about how much I love Kylie and the 'look what she did's that I sometimes forget to just sit and spectate. To watch Tyler as he falls more and more in love with his baby. When I glance over at him and notice a smile playing at the corners of his lips and see his focus on his little girl, those are the moments I live for. 

I suppose I am doing a horrible job describing this but quite frankly, the feeling is indescribable. I just want to note it for me. For the future me, to remember those moments that, like every other moment, have to be documented before being forgotten and lost forever. And for Kylie so that she can know and maybe someday remember that those minuscule things meant so much to her daddy and I. All because they involved her. 

And then, my heart exploded. 

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