Friday, November 21, 2014

To My Husband

Today is a special day. It's a day filled with love and happiness and joy and all things wonderful.

It, like almost every other day (I say almost, but without validation as I cannot think of a day this is not true... but want to leave room for error), reminds me how much I love my husband and how truly lucky I feel to have him in my life.

It is a day that I am reminded that through the very worst days, he has stood by my side, held me close, and helped me weather the storm.

He is brilliant. He is obnoxious (true). He is hilarious. And he is all mine.

Today I am reminded that he should be celebrated. Not only today, but every day.

Also, today is his birthday.

Happy birthday, handsome.

I love you a bushel and a peck!

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Thanks for your sweet words!!

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