Monday, January 15, 2018

New Beginnings

Wow. It's been a minute since I've been a part of this space. I've missed it... this blank screen. A template. A canvas, hungry for words.

I neglected it for years (3 to be exact). For no reason in particular other than time is fleeting and I wanted to take some time to just be. I'm sure some of you think it's crazy talk and others may be able to relate. But for me, I needed time to grieve the lost of the baby before number two. And then I needed time to cherish the blessing of number two. And then there was baseball and birthdays and job changes and vacations and home-sales and life simply got in the way.

But did it really? Get in the way, I mean... or was I just more present?

I have so much to say here. Not necessarily that I need to share everything, but I want to document. I want to remember the highest of highs and maybe reflect on the lows and how we've grown from them. Life has been odd lately. Complicated, wonderful, and odd.

To start, I want to talk about the latest love of my life. He's beautiful. He's strong and strong-willed. He's independent and so so brave. He's affectionate and he loves me so deeply... almost as much as I love him. He is my baby number two. I would like to note that this baby number two that I keep referring to is TWO AND A HALF! He's practically a grown man (who still poops his pants). Gray is the sweetest two-year-old I know.

And on a slightly related note, that girl in my previous post from three years ago? SHE'S FIVE!

I am shocked. I feel like just yesterday I was sharing the news of baby two and now he's almost in college (insert mom-dramatics here).

Oh, and on a last slightly-related note: we're pregnant again!

We saw baby number three today at an ultrasound for our 20 week check-up (you can see the photo in my IG scroll on the right). She or he is breathtakingly beautiful. Well, as beautiful as a 2D spotty/grainy photo of the most adorable womb-creature can be at 20 weeks. But that sweet nose and those intense kicks... they're priceless.

This third baby is different than the others. This one... there's finality in it. This is our grand finale.

I have so much more to spill... but for now, know that I missed this space. I missed all those readers (aka my husband). I missed the outlet for my words, however spotty and poorly-written they may be.

I will be back.
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